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Extra News for September 2006

Dear Friends,

Missionary recruitment / orientation / encouragement American tour

It has long been in my heart to encourage others to engage in 'vulnerable' mission to the people of Africa. Many colleagues have been encouraging me to
spend more time engaging with the West to this end. I seem to have a responsibility to do so. I have written many articles with such a purpose in mind, but I am told that there is no alternative to face to face contact and discussion. America being the apparent centre of the evangelical missionary enterprise, where much of the sending and recruitment occurs, seems to be the obvious place to focus on. I have explored some options and received some positive feedback from the US regarding a prospective visit.

Hence I am proposing that I spend 3 months between January and April 2007 in the USA, interacting with missions departments in universities, colleges,
sending agencies and churches. My initial research has shown that there will be open doors. I have already informed mission leaders of my supporting
churches in the UK of this plan. I am now informing other supporters, thus INVITING YOUR PRAYER AND COMMENTS before I come to a final decision as to whether to go ahead in a week or two's time.

Included in the plan is a brief visit to the UK. If this goes ahead, then I hope to be back in Kenya and fully operational again at KIST, YTC and STC as
from sometime in April 2007.

Best wishes,