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News for End of September 2007


The smell of burning and sound of boys voices woke me up at 00.10hrs on 21st September. 'What is going on' I asked? 'There is a fire burning in our room' was the response that had me jump out of bed and run into the boys bedroom! I found seven boys around the room, windows open to allow smoke to escape, watching a tea shirt in flames in the middle of the floor. Fortunately dumping water onto the fire soon had it extinguished.

One of the boys had run out of matches, but wanted to get up early to prepare breakfast (the children have to be in school at 6.00am) so decided to keep the paraffin lamp burning with the wick turned down all night. He then covered the lamp with his tea shirt so that the light not disturb the sleepers. The tea shirt burst into flames at midnight.

Give thanks that the lamp was sufficiently far from the bed for it not to catch light, and that there is a concrete floor. Give thanks that we were able to extinguish the fire, and that apart from a disturbed night's sleep, one tea shirt reduced to ashes and a room filled for a while with smoke, all are well.

Election Fever

Kenyan tribes (Here we call them tribes. In Europe I guess we would say 'nations' or 'peoples'.) have formed into 3 alliances that are battling to gain ascendancy in the national elections due at the end of this year. Pray for peace to prevail as tensions run high.

Conferences Progress

We are making good progress towards the proposed early 2009 AVM conferences. We have about 10 potential speakers and 6 locations firming up (5 in the USA and 1 in Germany). Pray for further firming up of plans, and for conference locations to be found in the UK. Our particular need is for people to take responsibility for administering the conferences.

Website back up

Some of you may have realised that my website was down for a while. I am glad to report that, thanks to a good friend Ted Kuster it is now up and running again, and more state of the art than ever!

Drummer Boy

A five year old boy at my home has been refusing to participate as we share in singing and worship every evening. He prefers sleeping in his chair. The solution? Include drums (20 litre water containers) and cymbals (hitting a metal bar with a 6 inch nail) in the worship. Result: 5 year old boy now very active!