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Dear friends,

The highlight of the start of this month was the visit of Clive Bernard and Ian Burnham from Andover Baptist Church to me in Kenya from the 2nd to 7th. THEY ARE TO REPORT ON THIS VISIT SUNDAY EVENING 20TH SEPTEMBER AT THE SAME CHURCH, 6.30pm! Welcome. (See Andover Baptist for more details.)

Although Clive left with a bit of a stomach-bug, this was otherwise a very successful visit. We spent two nights at a retreat in a tropical rain forest before setting off, via Kima International School of Theology, to explore some indigenous churches and the work of Yala and Siaya Theological Centres.

Many very valuable discussions helped me to understand Westerners' approaches to Africa, and enabled me to present some insights from Africa.

Some challenges have been brought into focus. I am attempting to share the Gospel to the African people by persuasion and witness rather than material inducements. It seems that more and more people in Kenya (and beyond?) are increasingly convicted that they should not accept to work with a white man unless they are paid to do so .

I personally have to find the right balance. It is easy for me to put more time and effort into promoting vulnerable mission to the West - which my visitors agreed is important. But then my ministry in local churches can suffer. Having my head in linguistics and publishing does not help when it comes to the need for spirit filled preaching . Prayer always valued.