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Dear Friends,

My challenging time in Germany began through attending a conference of 400 looking at Christian responsibility in the light of global economic inequalities. I was able to have a number of good conversations as well as to hand out some articles and make contacts that may lead to my being given opportunity to share more at a future conference.

From there, we shot up the motorway and I arrived at Fritzlar where I was able to spend the week teaching 'missions' to 20 or so students at the Church of God school. Many of the students were still there from my previous visit in February 2009. It was challenging again to encourage them to consider mission as an arena of personal sacrifice for the glory of God.

A few days with one of our Alliance for Vulnerable Mission board members Frank Paul was then an invaluable opportunity to discuss issues concerning the work in Kenya and beyond. He had lived in Argentina for 18 years, and had chosen to work in a 'vulnerable way'. Now back in Germany, he is encouraging churches to take such mission seriously. Last night (14th September) I arrived back in the UK.

Pray for the folks I left back in Kenya, including KIST that was to have opened on the 6th. YTC and STC are to open this week. I have not had much news on how this has gone. God willing, I will in in the UK until 9th October. Apart from many meetings with my home church (Andover Baptist) and in Alresford, I am to visit Oakhill college in London next week, and then Trinity in Bristol the following week.

Best wishes,