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Dear Friends,

I was rather occupied 2 weeks ago, when one of my children started feeling dizzy, and turned out to have anaemia. I was in-and-out of hospital in Kisumu that week. Fortunately, we managed to find some family members to donate blood, although we have yet to find the underlying cause of the problem.

My cousin and her husband from Germany, Philline and Raphael Bergmann, have been with me for a week. Being very competent in travelling independently, they have made trips to a game park, rain forest retreat, and to the local town, by themselves. Next week God willing we will travel together through Nairobi into Tanzania, to visit some friends of mine, and then have a day in a game park known particularly for its elephants. They set off back to Germany on 30th September.

30th September I am to travel on to Lebanon. After a day visiting a missionary friend, who I got to know 25 years ago while doing missionary training, I am to attend The Patronage Symposium. That is a three-day event for researchers with expertise in understanding ways in which patronage is affecting mission. I am looking forward very much to getting to know other participants, as well as sharing ways in which vulnerable mission is a means of sidestepping problems caused by patronage. A few old friends should also be there.

God willing, once back in Nairobi, I will visit Greg and Rebecca Moser and family, who are also from my home church in the UK. After a few days there, I am to come back home.