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News for End of October 2005

9th to 10th December at Andover Baptist Church, Hampshire

Looking at how to do cross-cultural mission in the 21st Century.

--- Places remain vacant! ---
Contact Jim Harries (

or Andover Baptist Church office

(Jenny Greenwood at for details .

Dear Friends,

Many of you will be aware of my website ( Some may not know that the (totally voluntary) original designer and ongoing manager of this website Jeremy Snooks has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Jeremy who is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment.

As I write I am now based in Birmingham, and following up my PhD studies.
The next major event regarding the PhD is on Thursday 27th October when I am to see my supervisor who will by then have read through my draft thesis. He will tell me what changes still need to be made before I hand in (hopefully) on 1st December 2005. In the meantime I am doing more research in order to strengthen the thesis.

I plan to go to Andover on 28th October, and then to visit Redcliffe college (missionary training college) in Gloucester on 2nd November on my way back to Birmingham. On 6th November I am to share at Norwich Central Baptist Church, and then the weekend of the 12th and 13th November to be back in York.

In addition to writing my thesis, I seem to have numerous articles currently awaiting publication in various missiological and theological journals. I have shared my heart in these articles, and hope that readers will become more inclined to vulnerable Christian mission to Africa as a result!

The consultation on 'Vulnerable Grassroots Mission' planned for 9th and 10th December has generated a lot of interest and debate, both orally and over the internet. We await the end of this month to see how many people will have enrolled. Vacancies remain at the moment.

News from Kenya has been minimal, which is probably good news. All seems to be well at KIST. I have not had any progress reports on Yala or Siaya Theological Centres. One of the little girls at home was unwell, but is presumably now better.

Best wishes,