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News for Middle of October 2006

Dear Friends,

Give thanks that I now have broadband access here at KIST through my mobile phone via 'GPRS'! (They tell me it doesn't work for internet-phoning.)

Please begin to pray for plans from 12th to 17th December for a seminar to be held near Lake Victoria on the border between Kenya and Tanzania with the Mennonite church. Please also pray as we are considering the option of taking in more orphan children to replace those that have moved on (from my home) in the last year or so.

Give thanks for opportunities to meet informally with and encourage new KIST students on Thursday evenings over the next few weeks. Pray also for the week of mission at KIST, with a speaker expected from Tanzania, beginning next Tuesday. This weekend we have an inter-college symposium of theological colleges in Western Kenya to held at Butere. Next weekend we have a meeting of missionaries based at KIST to be at Rondo. The following weekend meetings with the staff and board of YTC at Ulumbi. And so it goes on! Give thanks for faithful service of God's people that makes such gatherings so pleasant!

Give thanks that the court hearing on 2nd October went well, and we have succeeded in withdrawing the case of 'stock theft' against the remaining accused when we met in court.

Best wishes,