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Dear Friends,

On arrival in Kisumu, I immediately took my mother and Cathie Webb (also of Andover Baptist Church) to the Coptic orthodox compound in Maseno which was to be their base for the next 10 days. We were shown excellent hospitality with a relaxing secure house, meals provided, 24 hours electricity and running water for my guests. Many thanks to the Copts!

Cathie and mum with Coptic Priest, Cathie on left.


I had arranged a relaxed but interesting programme for them. This included a tour of the Coptic Orthodox compound, giving them insights into this ancient church started by St. Mark the author of the Gospel of Mark in the 1st Century. On their second day we went to my home, where they learned to sit under the shade of the tree in my garden! My children put on a fantastic drama that night (OK, so I may be biased). Worship on Sunday with Jim translating (not into English, but from English into Luo!) gave them an exciting African worship experience.

In a Coptic church, Cathie on right.


Monday morning we set off for one of the most relaxing places in the world, the Rondo Retreat Centre in Kakamega forest for two nights. A lot of relaxing happened looking at flowers, birds, and monkeys. The monkeys were less prolific than usual because an enormous monkey eating eagle called the Crowned Eagle had set up shop high in one of the trees just outside the dining hall. Evenings were spent sitting around an open fire.

Crowned Eagle


We were able to attend a worship service led by students at Kima International School of Theology and then go to Kisumu city for lunch and to visit the museum the same day. The following day the ladies had a tour of the main market in Kisumu (having already been around the Luanda market) with multiple shopping opportunities. Saturday was an early start going to the lakeside to visit the incredibly beautiful Ndere Island Gamepark in Lake Victoria, seeing Zebra, Impala, fish eagles and more monkeys.

Mum and Cathie (Mum on left)


For Sunday worship we attended a church 25 miles from Maseno in the ancient Luo town of Siaya (the original entry point for the Luo people into Kenya about 500 years ago). This was followed by being given a front seat at the lively and colourful ordination service for the man who has been my pastor in Kenya over the last 19 years at my home church in Yala.

Monday 20th I joined Mum and Cathie on a flight to Nairobi, where we were picked up from the airport by Greg Moser. Since then we have been receiving excellent hospitality by Greg and Rebecca Moser and family in their Nairobi home-cum-guesthouse. (Greg and Rebecca were until recently at Andover Baptist Church in England.) The highlight of Tuesday was being able to talk to and feed giraffes on the edge of Nairobi game park. Thanks to the Mosers for their hospitality. Give thanks for the news I have received today that mum and Cathie have arrived back home in the UK safely.

Mum and giraffe (mum on right)


Bye for now,


VM 2015 Conference