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Dear Friends,

One of my roles seems to be that of linking exclusive groups.

We have a wide variety of churches and ministries in this part of Kenya, and beyond. Members within those groupings often spend very little time outside of their own territories. Anglicans are always with Anglicans. Roho Christians spend time with Roho; they don’t darken doors of Bible schools. Copts are to be found in Coptic churches. Catholics don’t attend ‘power’ churches, and Pentecostals won’t be found in a Mennonite church, and so on. I find myself privileged to be bridging all of the above, and more.

Members of the above groupings often pronounce that it is Jesus who saves, and not their particular structure. At the same time, they may know little about the ‘other’. Hence it is more difficult for them to know how working together with others can function in practice. Bringing disparate groups together is a long-term task. Barriers are all so gradually whittled away. Yet, gains made, whether implicit or explicit, can be extremely valuable. It is wonderful, for example, to find churches seeing other denominations as presenting challenges to aspire to in following Jesus.

I am also amazed by the variety of individuals I engage with. Last night I talked to a young man in Arizona, USA, on the phone for an hour, using English. A few hours before, I was on the phone to a Luo, using Swahili. Before that I talked to a teacher at my ‘children’s’ school, in Dholuo. Another time I talk to a professor of mission using English. Then I speak to a German friend over Skype, using German. Then I talk to one of my children at home using Dholuo and Swahili. Then I visit a housebound old lady in the village and talk to her in Dholuo. Then I visit some sick people in the hospital here in Maseno, and talk to them in Swahili. Amazing!

Here is a slightly updated brochure regarding the proposed Swahili course to be held in Maseno, Kenya, Jan. to Feb. 2016.

Recently received encouraging email message: “Talked to my brother this week who is in (African city) since August. He works with street kids through sports. It is only now that he reads AND understands vulnerable mission issues. He told me that some VM papers are currently eye openers for him and some of his fellow volunteers. I’m glad that this is also a time of spiritual reflection for him. I told him where you live.”

Best wishes,


For information on my latest book see: here.