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Dear Friends,

I look forward to catching up with a lot of friends in my anticipated UK visit. I am, God willing, to arrive in the UK on 26th October. I will be in Andover for 3 weeks, then in Norwich for 3 weeks. On 8th to 11th December we have our conference – WELCOME. Thenk, God willing I depart for Kenya after that conference.

Details on the conference.

I have recently found myself spending more time than ever in the office. Partly this is because these days it has become more difficult than ever to do work without being at a computer, and I keep my computer in the office. Partly, this is due to my recognising that the future of mission work in Africa depends on educating people in the West. Partly because I am translating a book into Swahili! Give thanks for the warm hospitality of the Coptic Orthodox Church, that means I have an office with 24 hour electricity, security, meals provided, running water, en-suite bathroom, and good company!

Communication in Mission and DevelopmentSee here for a review of my book The Godless Delusion. As well as countering ‘atheism’, I make the point in this book, that the West must not be satisfied just by hearing what African people say to them. The influence and control of Africa by the West is such that in order to know what’s going on they need people on the ground! It is just so difficult to communicate clearly across cultural divides . . . this reviewer, perhaps, does not seem to agree . . .

I value your prayers for the next two weeks before I leave for the UK. Then for safe travelling, and the ability to adjust back to the UK for 7 weeks.

Having said I am spending more time in the office – give thanks for some good pastoral visiting yesterday. God willing tomorrow (Friday) I will visit an indigenous church for the first time. Pray for the hospital staff here; I felt they were very attentive when I shared with them on Tuesday. Give thanks for a colleague in Yala who is promoting theological education for local churches. Give thanks for many good worship experiences with indigenous churches.



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