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"I have a message and I want you to hear exactly what it says" said the pastor of this rural church in Gem on 23rd November 2008, holding a handwritten letter. "To all participants in the Millennium project" the letter began. (This is a paraphrased version from Dholuo back to English from memory.) "Very many participants in Millennium have not paid their debts. KSh40,000,000 (?350,000 on current exchange rates) is owed. If it is not paid, many of Millennium's services will have to be curtailed. All are required to pay by next Thursday. Take your money to Mr. X at the local school. The cases of those who do not pay by Thursday will be handed over to government, who will follow them up and make sure that debtors suffer."

"People won't pay" someone commented to me afterwards. Instead, they are accusing the MDP (Millennium Development Project) of artificially hiking prices so as to make a profit for themselves! The MDP has been a last ditch effort by the secular world to 'rescue' the poor in Africa and elsewhere. Its failing may cause some people to give up hope. Christians should realise that it has never been 'MDP or nothing' and be ready to continue more sensible 'vulnerable' mission methodologies when the MDP collapses.

As I write, just a few days remain before my planned flight to UK on 3rd December. That is to be followed by my spending most of December based in Andover, before travelling to the USA for conferences in early January. Please continue to pray for the conferences.

Give thanks for some strong classes in Yala and Siaya Theological Centres in the last few weeks. Pray for opening in January. A KIST student on internship may end up staying in my home while I am gone, and I am hoping she will assist in YTC teaching!

Give thanks that Brill have agree to publish my PhD thesis, subject to appropriate revisions. The reviewer commented: "I read this manuscript with great interest and deep appreciation. It is extremely relevant .". Then he wrote 'but', and it is the but that I still have to work on!

Best wishes,