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Dear Friends,

See the blog of an American, David Baylor, who is a fan of the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission and looking to come to KIST as soon as he and family have raised sufficient funds.

A lady reported to me, that a group of Whites had begun some project in her home area (Boro). They were often to be seen digging the fields using hoes - a very African occupation, she reported. They had planted sunflowers, she thought. She was clearly absolutely amazed that a group of people could travel thousands of miles to complete strangers so as to 'serve' them. "I hope one day we'll be like that" she said. "Not the skin I mean. We will never be White. I mean the heart - that we will have hearts like that." Later, I googled and found them: Boro Kenya Project. Surely we are globalised!

"We bought the land to live on", the Man in Ugunja told me "and have since built our house". But there is a problem. "The owner insists that we add more money for the land, even though we paid all that had been originally agreed." He added that the reason for this seemed to be, that visitors came to him periodically in big cars. The original land-owner sees them, and is sure that the wealthy visitors are handing over money, so are bitter and envious enough to be trying to make this couple's life a misery and demand more for the land even though they had already sold it.

The Kenya media recently reported a fall in life expectancy nationally in the last few decades from 60 years to 45 years. That means that I (aged 45) should die now!?