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Dear Friends,

My remaining destinations on this tour at time of writing are Mid Atlantic Christian University (North Carolina) for a few days, then a quick stopover at New York University. I am to spend three days in UK orienting our new administrative assistant Fiona Adams (including a visit to Norwich Central Baptist Church on the Sunday) before, God willing, heading back to Kenya on the 7th December. Once in Kenya I have, in addition to catching up on what has been happening in my absence, to prepare to teach a course on "philosophy" for the first time at Kima International School of Theology as from January.

My visit to Abilene Christian University included an opportunity to share with 3,000 students in a massive auditorium, then again with about 1,000 students the same evening. My welcome was warm and I was given many additional opportunities to talk to post-graduate and undergraduate students. I was very encouraged to find a vibrant missions faculty who understood and quickly saw the importance of the messages related to vulnerable mission that I was sharing.

At Pasadena (Los Angeles) I have been with William Carey International University at which I have been adjunct faculty for 4 years. Folks from the US Centre for World Missions joined in for many activities. I was able to visit with some key individuals regarding my book (should be out mid 2011) and possible conference plans. I gave two formal presentations to between 20 and 50 people, one of which was recorded and can be found here.

Please join us in praying for there to be a much greater awareness of the importance of "vulnerable ways" of ministering the Gospel. Many people continue to use heavy-handed foreign funded and linguistically ill-thought-out missions' and development strategies, unaware of the problems that they may be causing. Pray for Fiona and others working with the AVM that we be able to share the message more widely. Pray for ways of going forward. A number of the places that I have visited are interested in committing more to AVM - possibly through arranging conferences for 2012. Please pray for my re-entry into Kenya. To God be the glory.


(Here is the link to the video of my teaching a few weeks ago again for those who want to know in more detail what I am up to.)