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Dear Friends,

Startled looks met us. Through the undergrowth, we approached the house from behind. Two men and two women sat there outside the house holding glasses half-full of pale liquid. Two of the women seemed to feel guilty having been caught red-handed consuming illegal brew. They joined us in the house. Before having observed this situation, I had already been convicted that I should share on Christ, light of the world, who would expose deeds done in darkness. I did so. The two ladies told us they’d join us for that afternoon’s fellowship. They did not turn up. More people came to the home while we were there. My pastor colleague encouraged the lady concerned to engage another business instead of preparing illegal brew. Pray for the main people in this part of the world who are in many ways enslaved to alcohol.

The above was just one incident, as I took over ministry for two days for an Egyptian colleague who was off sick. I walked many miles with pastors in the Coptic Church deep in rural Luoland. The same colleague has been wise enough to travel by local bus and on foot, so following in his footsteps required considerable walking.

A few weeks ago I found myself waking up at night feeling that the world was spinning around me! I am glad to say that visiting medical doctor Nick Henwood was able to prescribe some strategic manoeuvres of the head call the Epley procedure, which seems to have resolved this problem. Give thanks.

The Coptic church, in whose compound I have my office in Maseno, now begins a 43 days fast. That is; no animal products except fish, and no eating or drinking till late in the day, till their Christmas which is in January. I am not obliged to keep the fast with them. Just thought I’d try and make you feel guilty as you eat your Christmas chickens, turkeys, mince pies and . . . and . . . !

Please pray for something we are considering whether we should be extending the theological classes that I am already offering here in the Coptic compound. Give thanks that I have recently written more articles, and pray for the various publishing processes I am involved in. Give thanks for some very inspiring and challenging books that a friend recently sent me to read. I have been especially appreciative to realise that there are a lot of 'back to Jesus' movements around the world. Some of these seem to run strongly in parallel with what we are doing in the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission.