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Dear Friends,

See here for an audio-visual recording of one of the lectures that I gave in the USA. (This one is at Eastern University, Pennsylvania.)

12th November I was privileged to attend an Amish church. English was the language in use, rather than Pennsylvania Dutch as is traditionally the case. Also, the Amish I am with are driving cars. Nevertheless, it was amazing to sit there and experience so many ‘old-Amish’ things going on – the dress of the people, their ways of doing things etc. The message given, was pointing out why women should wear head-coverings in church. The same evening I was asked to share about my work in Africa and about vulnerable mission, for which I had a crowded church with an attentive congregation who asked many good questions! (I often have fellowship with the Amish missionaries living in Kisumu in Kenya. I learned a lot of challenging things in my few days with them in the USA.)

My final USA stop was Anderson, Indiana. That is the headquarters of Church of God (that looks after KIST) and Anderson University. My inputs were mostly to the university. I had some very encouraging conversations. I look forward to ongoing fellowship with Church of God people inside and outside of Kenya.

My trip back to Kenya was largely uneventful. In Nairobi, after being driven along massively pot-holed roads through mud etc., I was able to stay the night with one of my one-time children. On reaching Coptic, I received the news that the hospital here has been promoted to a higher level of recognition by the Kenyan government. That is very encouraging for everyone here. At home I found the children well. I am spending a lot of time talking with the children, especially those who have just completed primary schooling – three of them. That leaves them at a critical junction in their lives. I find myself immediately immersed in diverse community events – especially funerals and church services.

As I write, in two days our new Kenyan President is to be sworn in. I understand that the opposition leader, who is not considered to have won the election, also intends to be sworn in on the same day. That situation has a lot of people concerned. Unfortunately, most protests in Kenya have recently become violent and involved casualties. The area I am living in is generally tense, although because I am away from major towns I hope that I won’t be too affected.