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News for End of December 2007

Dear Friends,

In memory of Elizabeth Min Judy - who passed away 23rd December 2007, after being a devoted housemother to the children in my home for the past two years. A hard-working Christian lady who loved helping others.

War is safer than church!

I asked a journalist who specialises in reporting on wars and battles, whether he'd thought about reporting on the church. "Too dangerous. Say the wrong thing (in certain countries) and they'll kill you" he responded. Wow. So the international media avoids reporting on the church, which is doing the donkey work in social development and change in Africa, because it is too controversial .

How was Christmas?

Myself and two KIST students visited the Legio Maria church at one of their main annual gatherings about 40 miles from my home. The devoted who were staying at a site with almost no facilities, (no running water, no electricity, no meals provided, no beds, no chairs, no shelter, no TV, no internet .) walked many miles to holy sites every day of their stay. The truly devoted stay there for over a week. Every 'pilgrimage' is done barefoot and while in prayer. Specialising in demon-casting, valuing suffering for the sake of the Gospel, and making Christianity relevant to African culture - this church provided a profoundly original way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

See a report by a visiting journalist on my home area in Kenya. (I live about 4 miles from this village, so conditions are very similar.)

Have a happy new year!


2009 Conference Dates.

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