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Dear friends,

As they sung, he danced. When they laughed, he laughed. When asked to testify of what Christ had done for him - he told us how Americans had saved him and his sister from the pain of poverty, after having been kicked onto the streets of Nairobi by his own African family. "Forty Whites are coming" he told us. "Every one will give out money to your young people!" He went on "we need the names of needy children, so that we can give you money for them." He collected a long list. He received money, and people's mobile phones. A few children went with him to see the coordinator of his organisation. He sent the rest away, and remained with a teenage girl. Then he disappeared with her. She re-appeared, thankfully, the following afternoon. He was never to be seen again . That's how a conman made a farce of an evangelistic crusade held in a town near Busia in Western Kenya earlier this month.

Pray for us in Kenya. When the Gospel is about getting money, conmen easily have a field day. Corruption is so rife, that it is getting harder and harder to know whether someone is telling the truth or lying. Give thanks for the new beginning marked by the birth of Christ 2010 years ago, and pray that more and more people will take his teachings to heart.

Best wishes to all for 2010!

Jim Harries