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Dear Friends,

Ongoing deterioration of the health of Ian's mother prompted me to respond positively to her request that I take in her son. Ian's father stayed with me about 10 years ago, but since passed away from AIDs / TB. Ian (aged 7) brings the number of children I have at home to 12, including a girl who has now finished her secondary schooling and has volunteered to help in a local hospital. I have space for one more girl.

Our new Principal for KIST is due to arrive from the USA on Thursday. He is already somewhat familiar with KIST, having spent 3 weeks here in November. It will be a first visit for his wife who is a specialist in language teaching. Pray for us in a meeting with the head of the Church of God in Kenya at his home on 1st January. I have been working hard in preparation, and now believe that I am ready to teach philosophy next term.

The next two weeks I need to get about and pull together plans for teaching in Yala and Siaya. That is where I implement 'vulnerable mission'. It presents some major challenges! The last three weeks back in Kenya have showed me again how 'foreign' my innate approach to theology is to this Kenyan context. I want to write a course that looks at the issue of envy and its rootage in juok (witchcraft). How does one interpret the 10th commandment in a cultural context in which people are expected to share what they have - which can seem to legitimise envy?

Pray for an outreach / crusade we are holding on 29th and 30th December at Kadenge, Siaya.

Your brother in Christ,