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Christmas edition

Dear Friends,

It is time for me to say THANKS. It is amazing to think of the many people in the UK and also USA and Germany , who are putting themselves out to enable me to minister as I do. SPECIAL THANKS TO JANET MAUGHAN who has looked after my book-keeping for over a decade and has done an excellent job. Welcome to Peter and Diane Stagg to this role as from January – I very much appreciate them being ready to take it on. Thanks to the six folks now on my newly formed council of reference fulfilling an invaluable role. When one begins to say thank-you one is forced to realise that there are SO MANY people putting themselves out in order for my ministry to continue.

Almost two years after being released from KIST to enable me to concentrate more on writing, the change in routine has in many ways been smooth. I continue to maintain, and hopefully develop, relationships with KIST by visiting there every month or so. KIST is due to link with Africa International University in Nairobi, with which I already have close links. After a period with Anglicans, I am currently contributing in a small way to the Africa mission of the Coptic Church from Egypt . It is very inspiring and incredibly challenging to see such a church emerging from ongoing intense oppression in the Arab world to engaging in flowering mission work. My writing ministry continues apace; I have written two books and numerous articles since April 2011. One of these books is already being published, as are many of the articles. Give thanks that God is using my being on the ground as a member of a rural African Christian community as a means of helping some of the millions of people in the West who are seeking to develop relationships and engage in development and mission on this continent.

Next year from 14th January I hope to teach for three weeks at the Mennonite Theological College in Musoma, northern Tanzania. That is a day’s bus-ride from here. February my sister and her husband are due to make their first visit in 23 years (having transformed from being pre-family to being post-family)! May, God willing will find me doing pastoral ministry with the Church of God in Tanzania. June I am expecting a visit from Rob and Sue North from York . August I may attend a conference promoting tent-making ministry to be held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. God willing, from September to December 2013 I will be engaging in missionary training and encouragement through visits to Egypt, Costa Rica, USA, UK and Germany. In between times I am looking forward to ongoing ministry in local churches around Yala.

Other folks mention children and grandchildren in their Christmas news. I am privileged to be able to report having 12 children and 4 grandchildren staying with me at the moment. Others frequently visit during the day. More are likely to come next week. Give thanks that the ceremony for receipt of cows on 20th December went very well.